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Providing electric motor

sales, service, and repair.

Albertville Electric Motor Service

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Full service repair facility for electric motors, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, and gearing. 

Whether it's repairing your pool/spa pump, rewinding your industrial motor, or shipping a new motor to your location across the country; AEMS provides reliable, dependable, knowledgeable service at a competitive price.

Residential Services

If you have a swimming pool/spa, we have you covered when it's time for pump repairs or replacements. Do you have a need for a sewage pump at your residence/farm? We have you taken care of there as well. We have several different pumps to fit your needs. We can also help with HVAC and irrigation pump needs as well. We can also Powder Coat patio furniture, car parts, whole frames, and even your Stainless Cups.  

Local:  We sell and service your electric motor needs locally. We can pick up, repair/replace, and deliver electric motors for you. We offer onsite motor testing and motor audits. 

Industrial/ Commercial: We offer a full service repair facility and sales for electric motors. We offer onsite motor testing to save you time/money while tracking down motor/power issues. We are glad to provide onsite motor audits to help reduce power and inventory cost. We are here to help you save money!

 AEMS services and repairs many needs that may arise such as:  

  • Electric motor sales/repair 
  • HVAC blower sales/repair
  • Centrifugal pump sales/repair
  • Rotary and Regenerative blower sales/repair
  • vacuum Pump sales/repair 
  • Variable Frequency Drive and Soft Start sales 
  • Mechanical Brakes sales/repair 
  • Gearing sales/repair
  • Powder Coating industrial parts.​
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